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TACHUMAN CAPITAL offers leading HR products and services in South Africa that implements best practices within the business we partner with.

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HR Consulting

At Tachuman Capital Solutions we help you to focus on building on your business while we ensure that you have talented HR at your fingertips for your business success.

About Us

TacHuman Capital Solutions has extensive HR experience that can help you receive professional advice. We are a business consulting firm specializing in Executive Search and Professional Recruiting. As a leader in executive search, TacHuman Capital Solutions, provides significant value via its proprietary business platform. We provide organizations with strategic and tactical solutions for their key talent needs. TacHuman assists companies in improving bottom line profitability by efficiently planning, organizing and implementing optimized, practical human capital solutions.

There is nothing more valuable to your Company than top performing Human Capital

Employers are seeking talent who are focused and confident and who can articulate his or her value proposition. Developing your value proposition and maneuvering the employment market is not usually straightforward or intuitive. If you have not been schooled in how this process works, you may waste valuable time and energy missing out on key opportunities.

Human Capital Solutions

Healthcare organizations are constantly progressing and changing. There is an imminent need for companies to have new sources of growth;

Industrial companies are realizing the importance of having experts and unique leaders now more than ever;

Change brings ambiguity and risk; but it also presents opportunity. Nearly every sector of the life sciences industry faces unprecedented change;

The Technology Industry has continued to adapt to changing global market conditions, expanding into and capturing new business opportunities;

Employers seek individuals who clearly articulate their value proposition. Coaching keeps you focused and confident during a complicated and impersonal job search process.

We Offer the following HR Management services;

• Strategic HR Management;

• Strategic HR Development;

• Employee Wellness Programmes;

• Training & Development Managements;

• Career Counseling;

• Occupational health & Safety Management;

• Industrial Relations (IR)/Labour Relations (LR);

• General Human Resource Management.

“The Rise of HR as you gain wisdom from ten thought leaders”