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Frequently Asked Questions

We have assisted more than 750 students since August last year to date.

• Strategic planning (MNG3701)

• Strategic Implementation & control (MNG3702)

• Career Psychology (IOP3703)

• Human Resource Information Systems & Technology (HRM3703)

• Contemporary issues in Human Resource Management (HRM3704)

• Personnel Psychology: Organisational Entry (IOP3702)

• Organisational Development (IOP3705)

• Economics-macroeconomics (ECS1601)

• Financial Accounting-Reporting (FAC1601)

• Organisational Research Methodology (IOP2601)

• We have quality lecturers/tutors

• We offer excellent support for students

• Our tutorial links are strong

• Our learning is experience-based with practical focus

• We clearly articulates our mission and values and regularly monitors adherence;

• Ensuring quality: One of Tactutorials central concerns is to ensure that students have access to high quality tuition and facilities;

• Tactutorials adheres to the highest ethical standards

• Tactutorials works hard to develop its students, employees and fosters two-way communications with all its relevant stakeholders;

• Tactutorials focuses on results as well as process.

We have 10 top lecturers in our organisation, all qualified with more experience in their respective courses.